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Testimony from Barbara Freese


The Lord says in Romans 8 verse 28 ‘And we know that all things work together for good to them that love God, to them who are called according to His purpose.’
On the 20th July 2012 after having a biopsy and ultra sound I was diagnosed with 2 different types of cancer in the lymph glands and breast, already in the 3rd stage and if left untreated with 6 months to live.
Our lives stood still since this was totally unexpected as I had just been to a specialist for a check up!!  Was the Lord going to take me home?  Many thoughts rush through ones mind.  From the beginning I had peace in my heart and said “Lord, my times are in your hands.”  The Lord says in 1 Peter 5 verse 7 ‘Casting all your care upon Him, for He careth for you’. This was a great comfort to me as I gave my problem to the Lord.
Many prayed and even fasted.  How wonderful it is to belong to the family of God and as priest going before our living God on behalf of one another. We knew the grace of God and were comforted.
Before chemo started on the 28th August 2012 a bone scan together with a CT scan was done.  A spot on the lung was of concern to the oncologist.  A team of 12 specialists examined my case and thanks to the Lord were guided with every decision that had to be made.
I had 6 chemo treatments over 18 weeks. Unpleasant side effects but doable!!  Rupert’s side effect was to hang up the washing!!! I saw a new way of hanging up a shirt – from one side of the line to the other!!!!
Then came the big day on the 3rd January, 2013 when a mammogram, ultra sound and CT scan were done to see what the cancer was doing.  On that day I felt like I was going to write an exam, you know that nervy feeling, then at 1:30pm to hear the verdict.
The cancer has gone we heard!!!! No trace of it!!!  The spot on the lung was of no concern. How mercifully kind the Lord our God has been towards us. We give praise and thanks to our God.
The journey continues with a bilateral mastectomy on the 22nd January followed by 6 weeks of radiation.  Reconstruction will take place in 6 months time.  Also, intravenous treatment, called Herceptin, will continue for one year at 3 week intervals to ensure the cancer does not return.
Thank you for all your love, care and faithfully praying for us. We pray that the Lord will bless each one of you in a special way.
Together in Jesus,
Barbara Freese
Psalm 23 




  1. Barbara, we rejoice with you in the goodness of our God and will continue to pray for you and Rupert, that He finishes in you the work He has begun!

    PS: Loved the washing story, any one who has been into Africa with Rupert knows that cats & dogs are more domesticated!

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