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Mozambique Report – March 2018

A devoted young man named Nelito came to know the Lord in 2009 at the Bairro 5 fellowship when he was only about 14 years old.  From 2011 Nelito, together with other young men, were involved in preaching together with brother Geraldo to get a new fellowship started at Pina. From 2014 he was actively sharing in the open ministry at breaking of bread.  He is a very dynamic young man encouraging other believers to participate in sharing God’s Word without fear.  From 2015 he was given opportunity – along with others – to go around teaching the First Principles of the doctrine of Christ to young people among our fellowships.  He gladly participated with the understanding that “freely he received in Bairro 5 fellowship each Sunday service and now he was able to also freely give” as the opportunity was presented to him.


In 2016 he went to a teacher training college where he qualified as a school teacher and was then sent to a school in Molumbo last year.  We communicated with brother Topolo there to “receive him as your brother in Christ” and he participated in God’s Work together with brother Topolo.  They live 40 km apart so it was not easy to connect but Nelito, as a new brother in the area, was presented to the other brothers there.  He started preaching Jesus to unsaved people in the community where he is teaching and good results are starting to come through as people have fellowship and hear the preaching and teaching of God’s Word.  Please pray for Nelito that God will help him to learn the Chewa language and give him wisdom as he shares the Word and reaches unsaved people in his community.  He is facing a lot of opposition from other denominations in the community who are saying that he belongs to a “Satanic church”.  There are many drunkards and unholy people in the “so called churches”!

Thanks be to God – Jesus came to set all the captives free.



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