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Malawi Trip

Rupert, Alex & Tony left Cape Town on Tuesday morning at 4:15. A few short body breakĀ  stops and change of driver along the way made the time go very quickly. We arrived in Gauteng (about 1400 Km) just as the sun was setting. We followed Mrs Google maps exactly to the “pin drop” sent to us and soon realised we were in the wrong spot altogether!

A few phone calls later and some “traditional” directions we met Steph Valle at a petrol station. We followed him into what looked like the “grammadoelas” over a single lane steel bridge and arrived at their beautiful home at about 6:30 pm

We were welcomed by Steph & Nadine and fared sumptuously with a lovely meal, a hot shower and a warm bed to sleep in!

What a blessed refreshing along the way to send us on our way the next day.


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