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Malawi – Mzimba – July 2018

To: Our beloved-Missionaries, (Tonney and Runney) (that is – Tony and René – otherwise, not edited)

From: Brothers and Sisters, Mzimba-Malawi

RE: Vote of thanks and Appreciations

In the first place we would like to thank Jesus Our Lord for allowing us to conduct such a wonderful three days Bible Seminar in Mzimba-Malawi.  We write to express o7ur sincere gratitude/happiness from deep down of our hearts to you brothers for coming and share great insights of God that have been imparted to us, of which is expected to be delivered to the entire community.(Mathews 28 versus 19-20)

Indeed we have shared wonderful lessons that lead some one to Salvation.  We are no longer the same; we have been revived and transformed spiritually.  As Gods’ servants, we have been challenged on the need to carry out the same ministry with different gifts that now we are yielded to winning many lost souls to Christ and uplift Him higher and higher. (Ephesians 4:7)

We do not take your journey of coming here for granted, but it took your sacrificial heart of commitment, resources and Hold Spirit that enabled you to come preach, teach and become our beloved friends in Christ Jesus.  It does not mean that you have resources neither had nothing to do in your country, but it is a manifestation that the Holy Spirit drives you to accomplish His planned work in Mzimba.  We really tank you and give Praises and honour unto God.

40 members from different denominations came and attended to the lessons.  The message obtained from here for sure shall not only benefit us, but also others in our communities we live with and different people in our society across the nation.

May the Holy Spirit continue revealing, impart and bless you with more and more that one day we meet and rejoice together in paradise.

To day as we part in flesh not in spirit, we pray that God grants you the travelling mercies and pass warm and tender greetings to all brothers/sisters, families and everyone in south Africa.  We will be failing our duty if do not acknowledge and recognize the gift of the Laptop provided to us a Christian for truth organization (cft).  The resource given to us shall not only benefit us, but also the entire community at large.  We will keep on praying for you just6 as you will be praying for us.  Once again as you go back to South Africa, carry our greetings to all brethren.

Wishing to seeing you back very soon possible in two or three week’s time.  For we have much joy and comfort in your love, because the hearts of the Saints have been refreshed through you, brothers (Philemon 1:7)

With these few remarks, May our good Lord richly bless you!



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